Team building and communication is improved with Crime Story Corporate

Aligned with your business’s unique attributes we tailor an examination of crime scene and forensic application specifically for your team. Each unit working independently and unified for common goals, reporting, collaborating, and evaluating evidence for the progression and solution to the crime. The transferable ‘soft skills’ so vital in the corporate world are tested to the limits as members discuss, listen, analyse, implement, and fail together as they learn the value of asking the right questions in business and develop a growth mindset. As Clifton Strengths trained professionals, we work with the strengths you already have.

From small teams to large corporate retreats, anywhere in Australia, we link multiple crime scenes for an unforgettable experience to engage your staff like no-one else. The impetus for better corroboration and morale, it would simply be a crime to miss it!

Contact Luke to see how Crime Story can find that missing piece of the puzzle.