What we do?

It's all about connection

Interesting experiences create transferable skills and positive relationships. It all starts with a connection. Without both, there is no learning. At the heart of this experience are possibilities and unanswered questions. To solve it you need to ask the right questions. Who better to guide your pursuit of inquiry than a detective? Crime Story is an experiential workshop bridging real, transferable skills to academic, life, leadership, and team knowledge. From HSC and High School specific writing workshops to corporate events, Crime Story communicates and transforms like no other, finding your skills and leading you where you need them.

“…follow the evidence”

Crime Story uses combinations of 6 x 2.25metre digitally printed, scale images of crime scenes. Enhanced with real exhibits like shell casings, cigarettes, safes, cashboxes, DNA, fingerprints, wallets, cameras, computers, stools, lock-picks, fabrics…and elements that you must decide is evidence. Whilst we’ve kept the scenes trauma-free you will make your way through potentially hundreds of pieces of evidence across multiple, interlinked crime scenes. From a potential armed robbery in a diner to a dark alleyway or a trashed office, follow the evidence by learning alongside a ‘literary detective’.  Ask the right questions, work alone or in teams as you create your story, using techniques we have developed for deeper imagery, engaging narrative, and authentic dialogue. You will master the art of intrigue as you and your character discover the value of the right question.

“Ask the right questions”

Academic writing and essays are treated to the same processes. Rather than engaging narratives and authentic dialogue, participants learn to evaluate evidence and decide what is worthy of inclusion. Factual reports are led by evidence, not pre-determined beliefs. Crime Story teaches you to decide between observation and inference, circumstantial and direct evidence, biased and specious. Your academic writing will become open minded and thesis driven with this unique application of transferable skills.

“Transferable skills”

Team building is delivered through Crime Story Corporate. Aligned with your businesses unique attributes we tailor an examination of crime scene and forensic application for your team. Each unit working independently and unified for common goals, reporting, collaborating, and evaluating evidence for the progression and solution to the crime. The transferable ‘soft skills’ so vital in the corporate world are tested to the limits as members discuss, listen, analyse, implement, and fail as they learn the value of asking the right questions in business and develop a growth mindset.

What we offer

HSC: Craft of Writing Solved


Full day workshop suited to Term 2, 3 or 4 of HSC

Preliminary & HSC Craft of Writing


2+ days of workshops, resources, Zoom and on-line support, beginning term 1 or 2 of each course

Preliminary & HSC Academic Writing (all disciplines)


2-3 days of workshops, multiple KLA, resources, Zoom and on-line support, beginning in Term 1 and 2 of each course


Packages & Workshops

2+ days of workshops, resources, Zoom and on-line support, suited to any term

Tertiary/University Academic Writing & Research Skills


2+ days of workshops, resources, Zoom and on-line support, beginning Trimester half

Corporate – aligned to your business goals, values & vision

Single & multiple event available, day or night, indoor/ outdoor

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